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Information Technology

Computer science. Software engineering. Information technology. What’s the difference? When considering an online degree program, the terminology can be confusing to potential students who want a career in computers. There are many options to consider but for starters, let’s talk about one option you may want to pursue online: information technology.
What is information technology?
“Information Technology” is a term that describes an industry that manages information with the use of computers and software. If you work in information technology, you could be responsible for performing any or all of the following functions:
What can I do with a degree in information technology?
With a career in information technology, there are many career paths to choose from. Whether you want to be a consultant, a team player, or manage projects, you can easily find your niche within this industry.
Here are a few jobs you may want to consider:
  • IT Jobs in Computer Networking – With a job in computer networking, you can expect to work with communication within computers and devices.
  • It Jobs in Information Security – Information security entails working with the protection of information, including but not limited to preventing unauthorized access, distribution, or modification of information within computer systems.
  • IT Jobs in Business Intelligence – If you work in business intelligence, you will be required to work with business data. You will collect, integrate, analyze, and present it.
  • IT Jobs in Linux – If you specialize in Linux, you will work with a computer Operating System that uses the Linux kernel. This server operating system is used in many organizations.
  • IT Jobs in UNIX – This specialty involves working with the Operating System that is used in servers and work stations.
  • IT Jobs in Project Management – If you like to manage large projects and its resources, you may want to consider working as an IT project manager.
There are many more fields and sub-fields you may want to consider in information technology. As you do your research, here are a few questions you’ll want to answer:
  • What is the working environment?
  • What level of education must I complete to qualify for this job?
  • What special skills must I have?
  • Will I be required to work independently or as part of a team?
  • Would I like to work in supervision?
  • How much will I earn in this field?
A career in information technology is one that you can begin online right now. New classes are starting soon. With hundreds of online degree programs available, you can get started without fighting traffic, looking for campus parking, or unnecessary distractions in the classroom. Everything you need to begin starts at your fingertips and is just a mouse-click away.

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